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Kids Of All Ages Can Enjoy This Virtual Robot Builder

Robots are a very popular concept in today’s world. Though not everyone can have their very own real robot to do their bidding, people can build a virtual robot online. The beauty of simulated robots online is that they are available anytime, any day or night. Simulated robots are never stepped on or chewed up by family pets. When a person is using the lego mindstorm simulator, they are learning as they work on their robot design. Using a learning program like the Virtual Robotics Toolkit gets students excited about learning.

The Virtual Robotics Simulator can be a very valuable educational tool. Students can struggle to learn about programming out of a dry textbook, or they can learn about programming while they build a simulated robot online. They can also learn other STEM subjects such as science, engineering, mathematics, and technology as they build and program simulated robots online individually or in teams. This project can help students understand how the physical concepts of motion and force interact in real life. Learning can become more interesting in middle school and high school. Classes such as math, computer science, and physics can use a Virtual Robotics Toolkit program to help the students quickly design, program, and prototype a robot.

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To get started, a class can import unique robot models from several popular CAD tools like LEGO Digital Designer and start experimenting with robot customization, programming, and operation. Since these robots are all virtual, they require no shelf space for storage in the classroom. Individuals or teams can build and program robots in a competition. When working in digital space, students will have more freedom to create specialized robots mixing and matching bricks and virtual robot creator parts out of various virtual kits. The partially built robots sit safely online between work sessions. The robots live on as files on the computer. When it is time to work on the robot projects, students simply upload the file online and begin work. These files can be shared by team members and with friends around the world.


A student using an online or virtual robot builder is not using costly materials to get started with robotics. The great thing about virtual is the lack of cost of materials. A student can inexpensively be introduced to the field of robotics, and in the process learn some basics in strategy, engineering, planning, working with a team, programming, math, and science. Working on a virtual or simulated robot that can be downloaded to a file and taken home to do additional work on has great possibilities. For more information, visit the website soon.

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